Are tools included in the cost of the course?

Our five day course includes a basic set of tools for each student. We offer additional professional tool sets for purchase at a discount to all students.

What does Tint College guarantee?

We guarantee you will have the knowledge and understanding of all processes needed to cut, shrink and correctly apply window tint

How can I improve my skills after leaving tint college?

There is an old saying “practice makes perfect”. We cannot emphasize enough those exact words. Practicing will help improve your speed and create the confidence needed to achieve your objective of being a professional window tinter.

How fast can I expect to be good at window tinting?

Most experienced window tinter’s will average an hour and a half per vehicle. Proficiency will come with time, experience and the number of vehicles you tint each week. We will provide the necessary course skills required to help achieve your goals over time.

Other Schools offer a 3 Day Class why is yours 5 Days?

After teaching the Auto Tint class for many years we have found that most students are just starting to comprehend the process by day three, and we will work on perfecting your work eliminating any weak areas .

Did not realize you were so far away?

If you are really serious about changing your life and learning a new skill you most likely will have to travel to attend a training class. If you do your research you will find there are only a few facilities in the whole country that teach window tinting. If you research more you will find 99% of them are window tint shops attempting to train you while working on their customer’s cars. We are not a window tint shop, we have a dedicated training facility our only concern is teaching you the art of window tinting. No one offers the amount of hands-on training hours that we do. Our location in beautiful South Florida is a 20 minute ride to the beach. We are the fun and sun capital of the world and home to internationally famous South Beach.

Sounds Good, my problem is money is tight right now.

We understand however can you really afford not to take our course. There are many ways to pay for the course. You can use a credit card you have been holding for just this occasion or you can start saving right now for this great opportunity. You can also apply for financing thru our in house finance company or choose another option of finance thru Paypal credit which can be no payment and no interest for up to six months refer to our website for more details. Both options would cover all of your tuition and traveling expenses. It is easy to think of reason why not to however you should consider the most import reason which is why to take our course. It’s your future were talking about.

I have a very busy schedule. Not sure I can find the time.

Think about it, one week out of your entire life. It will come and go and you will be back home before you know it. Imagine what one week can do to change your life! Without a doubt it will change the course of your life. Secure the freedom you have always wanted to achieve.

The cost seems high for a window tint training school?

Exactly the opposite. It’s a very fair cost considering the quick return to pay yourself back. The students we have trained with our proven techniques have the ability to complete 3 cars in one day. An average list price of $180.00 per car. This calculates: 3 cars x $180.00= $540.00 per day x 5 days= $2,700.00 per week. Obviously your able to pay for your course plus travel expenses with one week’s worth of tinting. No other business or course can offer this type of return on your investment. Your financial freedom starts when you make the decision to attend our 5 day hands-on-training class.

If I bring Another Person can I get a Discount?

Yes, contact your sales person we will give both of you a discount.

Do You Offer Financing?

YES, We offer 6 months no interest financing for students with good credit thru PayPal Credit.  For students who are not accepted thru PayPal Credit we have another company that will charge a 11.9 interest rate based on 3 monthly payments.  This company requires that you are employed and have a valod checking account.

Will you guarantee me a job after completing the class

No – it is impossable for any school to make this promise to students.

We do offer a job posting board where businesses may list jobs available to persons  who attend the school

Still have a question?  Give Us a call at 786-594-4499